On 08/08/16 at approximately 10:25 pm, the defendant went to 8701 Progress Boulevard in Riverview, to pick up two acquaintances (witnesses). The defendant waited in the driver’s seat of the vehicle while the witnesses approached. The victim, who was walking through the area, approached the vehicle, as he is friends with the witnesses. The defendant is also personally known to the victim and both witnesses. When the victim approached the rear passenger side door, which was open, the defendant removed a handgun and fired at the victim. The victim was struck on the right side of his chest, the left wrist and the right side of his face. The defendant then fled the scene on foot with the firearm.

On 08/09/16, the defendant was located and taken into custody on an unrelated charge. When the defendant was located, he was the sole occupant of a vehicle. Inside of the vehicle, a Glock 19 (9 mm) handgun) was found. An interview was conducted with the defendant and with the defendant’s mother’s consent. After being advised of his rights, the defendant admitted to being at the scene of the shooting. The defendant also advised the firearm that was located in the vehicle was the one used to shoot the victim. The defendant admitted to being in the vehicle and in possession of the firearm.

The witnesses and the victim positively identified the defendant as the person that shot the victim.

Devonte Medina
DOB: 10/13/1999
10430 Soaring Eagle Drive

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