FUGITIVE WANTED… HELP! Pasco County Sheriff officers are in search of Dakota Kidder! He is wanted with probable cause in connection with a very sad domestic abuse case. PLEASE contact PCSO with any information related to his whereabouts…

Report any such information to the Sheriff’s Office at: (800)706-2488, or anonymously via our website at

The victim’s family asked us to share this information:

PLEASE SHARE THIS ALL OVER PASCO! This is a recent picture of Dakota Kidder and my niece. This kid is a coward that hits on women. Please share this post to everyone is Pasco and Hernando County. If you see him please contact the Pasco County Sheriff at 727-847-8102.

The images are heartbreaking 🙁

*UPDATE* Yes that is a roll of TP in his selfie!

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